Purity Moments

This picture is as pure as it gets, Moments that you can remember years later are pure moments. Moments where you only let your mind focus on the "Now" and "Present" are  pure moments. I remember this moment like it was yesterday, I was at a baseball game with my father and brother, I had no idea what was going on or what baseball even meant, but I was just happy in my skin being a kid and appreciating the moment. In life we move so fast because we are programmed to feel that everything has a time limit. Have you ever just stood in place for just one second and embraced it? Embraced the moment so much because you know you can never get it back again. In life understand that all moments are completely different, react to it as such. Cherish every moment, don't  be in fear or over think.. Be free and take it for whatever it is supposed to be - Brittsense